Let’s work together.

What do you do?

Depending on who you are, the question, “What do you do?” is met with revulsion, dread, annoyance or enthusiasm. (Or a mix of one or all of those feelings.)

I fall mostly in the the enthusiastic camp.

I’m a librarian, and I manage other librarians.

I play with technology. I help my staff learn about what’s new and interesting, so that they can help the public learn about maker tools and music and movies and the importance of personal digital archiving. I help my staff and the public and create and do cool things.

I used to manage the online presence for DC Public Library. I started a Twitter war with DC Water. I helped develop a lot of refinements and features for the library, online, in person and everywhere in between.

I used to be a journalist: I spent 8+ years working for newspapers such as The Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun and Newsday. I edited articles, I managed reporters, I made sure we put all the news fit to read in print and online. I played around with social media when we are starting to say “Hey, what’s up with this social media thing?” and learned to hate Digg. I also got Baltimorons to tell me about their love lives.

I’m also a mom, a wife, a voracious eater and food obsessive. I’m passionate about technology, equal access, food sustainability and diversity — of industry, of workforce, of thought.

Let’s work together.

Like its owner, this site is always under revision.

You can find out more details about my professional life on LinkedIn.